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The Facility Study Committee met 14 times over an eight-month period to identify and prioritize potential projects.

The Facility Study Committee met 14 times over an eight-month period to identify and prioritize potential projects.

Facility Study Committee

The 2019 Bond package is a result of a recommendation made to the Board of Trustees by the district’s Momentum Facility Study Committee, which is part of the district’s Community Visioning Project created in 2017 that brought together volunteers to provide insight and direction focused on student achievement, community engagement, funding priorities, and facilities.

The Momentum Facility Study Committee was made up of local citizens, parents, and civic and business leaders. Members met regularly since October 2018 to review a broad scope of district information and consider the growth and educational needs of all Midway ISD students. The committee reviewed demographic projections, district financial information, existing facility conditions, and had the opportunity to tour several existing campuses before developing and prioritizing potential bond projects.


Goals of the Momentum Facility Study Committee

  • Develop a long-term vision to address student growth

  • Ensure equitable facilities across the district

  • Provide safe, clean and modern facilities that contribute to Midway’s success

  • Identify facilities and equipment needed to accomplish student achievement goals


Momentum Facility Study Committee Members:

Joe Bailey, Kelli Barkley, Scott Bland, Rodney Bowden, Curtis Breuer, Wesley Brooks, Alissa Cady, Ashley Canuteson, Jon Capron, Dalilah Contreras, Bobby Deaton, Evey Ellis, Susan Fletcher, Deborah Focarile, Buddy Freeman, Jesse Garn, Amber George, Brady Gibson, Mary Lou Glaesmann, Christine Graham, Bruce Hamelin, Seth Hansen, Jordan Hubbard, Charles Huffman, Jeanie Johnson, Mandy Johnson, Russ Johnson, James Karney, Paul Lasater, Colton Lawrence, Sally Madrazo, Richard Mason, Taina Maya, Karen Mayton, Sharon McCauley, Aaron McMillan, Wade Miller, Brian Nicholson, Wesley Null, Becky Odajima, Paul Offill, Aaron Pena, Will Phipps, Andy Popejoy, Lance Ralston, Lauren Ralston, Melanie Rebando, Molly Rieger, Sarah Scott, Nikki Skeen, Laura Slayton, Alison Smith, Jarrod Smith, Todd Stoner, Debbie Strouse, Kathie Thaller, Stacey Voigt, Mark Warren, Derrick Watley, Carly Webb, Joey White, Shanna Whitney, Ken Young


Bond Election History in MISD

Midway ISD voters have approved 17 bond elections since 1950.